Dental Coverage for Seniors

We feel that it's imperative for seniors to receive quality dental coverage at an affordable price - and our plans perfectly fill that need. Here is some great insight on some serious senior dental problems, ways to solve them and how to procure the best denatl coverage for you or your loved one...

The main issues

Our bodies are like old cars. As we age we deteriorate and require more “maintenance”. Not only does our skin wrinkle but our bones become more fragile and our body organs begin to wear. As a result of aging, one of the more common problems for seniors is poor dental health.

Dental issues that are often encountered include tooth decay, cavities, loss of teeth, dry mouth, darkened teeth and even jawbones that eventually become uneven. Changes in bone tissue and the wearing away of tooth enamel over time only exasperate the problems. Even certain medications and radiation treatments can negatively affect the oral health of seniors.

Self-dental care becomes harder as we age

Seniors can also find it more difficult to maintain proper oral hygiene due to other physical impairments. One of the most common problems affecting dexterity is arthritis. This painful ailment makes it very difficult to move the affected joints so it’s not hard to imagine how a once simple task such as the brushing of one’s teeth can become a very arduous, if not impossible task when the hands are afflicted. Even flossing and gargling can become next to impossible for some.

People who are sick, handicapped and/or bedridden can also have a very difficult time taking care of their own oral hygiene. If they don't get the help they need, problems will inevitably occur.

The older we get the more painful and stressful issues of the mouth can become, such as cavities, tooth loss and gum disease. Therefore, it’s more important than ever to obtain affordable dental coverage for seniors in order to take advantage of regular dental checkups.

The dental care coverage dilemma for seniors

It’s a sad fact that about one half of Americans go without dental coverage. As a result, they rarely see their dentist until a problem arises - a problem that may have been reduced or totally avoided with regular checkups.

Unfortunately this percentage is even higher for seniors…

Retirees typically lose their job-related health benefits and end up with Medicare health coverage instead. However, Medicare does not cover dental – never has and never will. Although many insurance companies offer individual dental insurance policies, it can be difficult and expensive for a senior to obtain coverage.

  • Dental insurance can be expensive, especially for those on fixed, retirement incomes;
  • Dental insurance may be harder for seniors to qualify for due to oral health conditions, exclusions and waiting periods.

The dental care coverage solution for seniors

Select dental discount plans:

A dental discount plan is the perfect solution for seniors because it addresses each of these issues. Primarily, since it’s a discount plan rather than insurance, they cannot be turned down for coverage, there are no exclusions or caps and it can be used right away.

Perhaps best of all, these plans are very affordable. To learn more about the difference between discount and insurance plans, visit our home page or to view available plans in your particular area, visit the resource site right here!

Dental care tips for seniors

As alluded to above, it’s more important than ever for seniors to receive regular dental checkups and quality oral care. This is necessary in order to head off any serious issues, since these can become more severe for the elderly. Meanwhile, here are a few tips to help keep you smiling:

  • Try to brush your teeth at least twice a day, and get help if necessary. Also, do this as soon as possible after eating (within 20 minutes is the most effective). Use a fluoride toothpaste to help fight tooth decay.
  • Remember what old mom said and avoid those between meal snacks, especially sweets.
  • If you are experiencing dental problems, make an appointment with your dentist right away and get it taken care of. The longer you delay the worse, and more expensive, the problem will become. If neglected, oral diseases can negatively affect the whole body.
  • Try to eat foods that contribute to good dental health such as onions and celery. These foods help to remove the acids in our teeth and also help to avoid cavities by stimulating salivation. Stay away from sugary foods and starches.
  • Tradition states that people should see their dentist every six months. However, this is not always the case, especially if you are experiencing any issues or have difficulty in maintaining your teeth properly. The nice thing about a dental discount plan as opposed to a dental insurance plan is that you may go as often as needed because they do not have the restrictions or annual caps that are normally associated with insurance plans.

Finally, dental problems can greatly affect overall health, especially in seniors. People experiencing such problems may find it difficult to speak, chew, and swallow among other things. Oral cancers can spread throughout the body and poisons can travel throughout the bloodstream. Therefore it’s imperative to obtain proper dental care and see your dentist on a regular basis.

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